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Workplace Wellness-
Health and safety issues

Looking after your employees pays dividends.

Workplace absences cost employers in the vicinity of $3.9 billion in productivity last year. The direct impact is an estimated average 8% of payroll with the indirect impact likely to be closer to 20%.

The amendments to the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 extends coverage to include work-related stress and fatigue. This is expected to increase the cost of absenteeism to employers and is shifting the burden of responsibilty for a worker's health and workplace stress related issues to the employer.

Wellness in the workplace aims to maximise the psychological, social and physical wellbeing of employees as well as to reduce risk to employers. This results in

  • improved morale and vitality;
  • enhanced performance;
  • increased productivity and therefore profitablilty; and
  • decreased absenteeism.

Orbis Life care professionals work with employees to

  • identify risk areas;
  • provide training for managers/supervisors to enable them to assess the stress and fatigue level among staff in the workplace;
  • develop integrated education programmes; and
  • provide fitness, action and stress management programmes to reduce risk.

This encourages employees to not only take care of their health and fitness, but also encourages the development of workplace wellness and assists in reducing employer risk.

Orbis offers a variety of integrated workplace health and safety programmes which are tailored to every client's requirements. They include

The programmes include follow-up sessions to ensure integration and implementation.

To learn more or to talk to one of our consultants, call us on 9 479 1510, email us, or send us our enquiry form.

See our seminars section for further details on our prgrammes, or read more about the Allison Roe/Orbis Fitness Programme.


This year - round programme has been developed by Allison Roe and Orbis Lifecare. Linked to this fitness programme are several Corporate Health Programmes.



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