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Personalised Assessments and Seminar Programmes

Orbis Lifecare team has in-depth experience in helping people and workplaces create wellness and balance. This is key to productivity, health and happiness for both the individual and company.

The Orbis programmes include

Our personal and corporate programmes are holistic and are tailored to the unique needs of the individual or organisation. Each assessment or seminar focuses on balance in all areas of life. The root of this is establishing inner balance as the foundation for outer balance and success.

Orbis can either assist you choose the programme which best suits your needs or we can work with you to design a specialised programme to address your individual or organisational requirements.

Assessments for Individuals

These assessments will take from 30 to 60 minutes. They always include a personalised questionnaire with action plan or report. The following assessments are available:

Orbis Wellness Checks

Health Assistance Plan

Fitness Check and Exercise Programme

Stress Mastery Programme

Biological Aging Programme

Proactive Health

Workplace wellness Programmes

The corporate programmes specifically target stress and fatigue, absenteeism, fitness and health, alongside the specific objectives an organisation may have, for example executive wellness checks.

Our seminar and training programmes assist both managers and individuals to identify stress and fatigue and provide stress management techniques.

  • stress mastery programme - management risk identification training programme

Our workplace assessment programme incorporates a three step process which identifies needs, using current, assessment and other validated data, analysis (which provides you with a detailed report) and programme design.

In addition there are three levels of corporate programmes to cater to different individual or team requirements within an organisation.

  • Balanced Performance Programme
  • Optimum Performance Programme
  • Effortless Mastery Programme

Seminar Programmes

Our seminar programmes aim to educate, inspire and empower.

Effortless Exercise Course
How to enjoy a healthy lifetime of pleasurable exercise, easily built into any lifestyle tailored to you.

Stress Mastery Seminar
Now you can gain mastery of stress in your life with a personalised stress profile and action plan.

Personally Tailored Health Education Programme
Working with you, we tailor 1-2 hour or more seminars to meet your needs and interests.

Developing High Performance Teams
For optimising inner resources, developing high performance and gaining rapid relief from stress and fatigue we recommend the transcendental meditation programme.

To book an Orbis seminar or programme or to ask one of our consultants to contact you please .

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