To obtain your Orbis Personal Profile Guide specially designed for your profile type, for only $69.95, all you need do is register here and answer the Orbis Personal Profile Questionnaire. Your Guide will then be sent to you within the next few days.


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Understanding your UnIQUEness

Have you noticed that some friends need more sleep, some get up early, some never put on weight no matter how much they eat, others look at food and gain weight, some can exercise for hours, for others a walk is enough, some don’t like foods you do and so on?

Basically, because people are different, not everyone should follow the same programme for health, fitness and stress management.

Your tailored programme

Drawing on the timeless knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Medicine (a comprehensive system of natural medicine) Orbis Lifecare is able to create a lifestyle guide for you - the Orbis Personal Profile Guide. This Guide provides practical guidelines and advice for establishing and maintaining health and success in life and outlines:

  • how you can enjoy a balanced, successful and healthy life;
  • daily routines and a lifestyle best suited for you;
  • nutritional guidelines and advice;
  • fitness programmes and recommendations to suit your needs; and
  • stress management guidelines best for your personality profile.

Development of the Personal Profile Guide has been managed by Linda Sinden, Director of Orbis, working with David Lovell-Smith, general practitioner.


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