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Getting the Balance - the workplace lecture series

A fun and informative way of looking at health, stress, lifestyle and work balance, these extremely practical lectures provide employees with valuable tools for

  • Understanding how stress affects different people
  • Learning about their own personal profile and body type
  • Understanding their personality and individual needs
  • Seeing how these relate to their stress tolerance and good health
  • Recognising how their individual types fit and work together as a team
  • Understanding their present state
  • Understanding the importance of lifestyle choices for balance and good health
  • Learning how balance will lead to dynamic performance

The information given at these hour long lectures is invaluable for helping to ensure good health, developing the best tolerance possible to stress and lessening the impact of modern life at home and at work.

For the business owner or manager, this information will help improve morale and productivity and provides a thumbnail of the current status of your team.
You will be better equipped to recognize indicators of stress and to identify specific needs.

Reservations are subject to availability and should be made at least 7 days in advance.

For bookings, please call Richard McLean on 021 939 955, or complete this form and fax back to us on 9 449 2240, or contact Linda Sinden on 9 479 1510 or fax 9 479 1501.

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